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We deal with from Carrera, Scalextric, Ninco and Afx to mention a few.

We also supply after market parts for all brands as well parts to improve your existing Slotcars.

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Carrera Digital 132 DTM Speed Memories

Supreme performance DTM duel The Carrera DIGITAL 132 ‘DTM Speed Memories’ set promises a genuine clash of the titans. Two proven winners rumble out for this contest: The BMW M4 DTM ‘B. Spengler, No.7’ and the Mercedes AMG C 63 DTM ‘P. Wehrlein, No. 94’. Both drivers have already been overall winners of the DTM series, but success in championship racing in your lounge is up to the handset skill you and your friends bring to the track. Maximum freedom around the circuit with WIRELESS handsets. Control handsets are provided as standard in WIRELESS versions for complete freedom of movement around the circuit. You and your friends show off your supercharged driving skills around the bends and long straights of this 7.3-metre racing circuit. Racing enthusiasts aged 8 and upwards will love everything about these DTM gems.

Carrera Digital 132 Grand Victory Lane
Carrera Digital 132 DTM Grand Victory Lane

The Digital 132 Great Victory Lane set features 1:32 scale cars racing on a 1:24 scale digital slot car racing track. The slot car track sets the stage for a speedy showdown of the BMW M6 GT3 “Rowe Racing No. 99” and the Ford GT Race Car “Time Twist, No.1”. With these two popular race cars, you the driver holds the key to who gets the checkered flag in this thrilling head-to-head race! Race on a course that stretches almost 24-feet and features a track crossover, curves, lane changing section, and a straightaways to provide exciting action all over the track. Only the driver with the best skills can master the track and claim victory in the end! Hours of action and fun are guaranteed. Slot car racing is an exciting group activity amongst friends and family and you too will enjoy racing over and over.

Carrera Digital 132 GT Face Off
Carrera Digital 132 GT Face Off

Duel of the racing cars Full power ahead in the Carrera DIGITAL 132 “GT Face Off” set. The cult cars Porsche 911 RSR “Porsche GT Team, # 911” and Ford GT Race Car “No.66” face each other in fast-paced races. The 510 hp Porsche was painted in the famous look by Brumos Racing. The design of the successful US team has already brought Porsche luck at the 24-hour race in Daytona and given the team a place on the podium. With its design, Ford pays homage to the victory of the Ford Mustang in the Rolex 24 At Daytona race in 1985. At Carrera, the mighty vehicles whiz at full speed over the 8-meter-long track.

Carrera Digital 132 GT Race Battle
Carrera Digital 132 GT Race Battle

In the new Carrera DIGITAL 132 “GT Race Battle” set, two strong opponents really give gas! The up-and-coming team from HTP Motorsport is dangerous in its mamba. The yellow Mercedes-AMG GT3 “MANN-FILTER Team HTP, No.47” knows what speed means and attracts everyone’s attention. In the duel against Mercedes, the mighty BMW M6 GT3 “Molitor Racing, No.14” has to assert itself. Whoever is faster has to put the two cars to the test on the 7.3 meter long track.

Carrera Digital 132 Spirit Of Speed
Carrera Digital 132 Spirit Of Speed

Three-country action The Carrera DIGITAL 132 ‘Spirit of Speed’ set stages an international 3-car head-to-head. The brand new dream car, the Chevrolet Corvette C8.R ‘No.3’, joins the cult Porsche 911 RSR ‘Pink Pig Design, No.92’ and the elegant Aston Martin Vantage GT3 ‘Heart of Racing, No.23’ on the grid. This supremely classy selection of top-ranking sports cars helps you and your friends thrill the crowds the whole race. Look forward to tight duels and lots of action on this approximately 8-metre racing circuit. Where automotive dreams come true These mighty racers are the dreams in steel of automobile manufacturers from three different countries. They’re here to demonstrate the meaning of speed around the 8-metre Carrera racing circuit. While the Porsche 911 RSR and Aston Martin Vantage GT3 have been thrilling racing fans for years, the Corvette C8.R in 2020 is out for its first few laps. A lounge racetrack battle is your first chance to find out just how much power there is under the hood. The many long straights provide lots of opportunities to push this sleek and sophisticated racer to its limits.Customisable settings for speed and braking effects for each individual car

Carrera Evolution Break Away
Carrera Evolution Break Away

Two real US cars in the new Carrera Evolution “Break Away” set are honored with a rarity. The Ford Mustang GTY “No.55” – Ford Performance Livery and the Chevrolet Camaro Pace Car don’t give each other an inch on the 5.3 meter long route. The Ford Mustang GTY is based on the Ford Mustang GT and presents itself as an even bigger powerhouse with a wider body, flared fenders and huge wheels. The shape of the blue and white vehicle was modified by Carrera and makes it an eye-catcher on the rails. But the Chevrolet Camaro can also keep up. Its glowing flashing light ensures the right thrill on chases.

Carrera Digital 132 Grand Victory Lane
Carrera Evolution Super Cars

Speed equals success! The Carrera Evolution ‘Super Cars’ set features a battle of two speed beasts! The Chevrolet Corvette C8.R ‘No.4’ with Oliver Gavin and Tommy Milner against the Lamborghini Huracán GT3 ‘Konrad Motorsport, No.7′ driven by Axcil Jefferies and Michele Di Martino guarantees impressive on-track power. The turquoise no.7 Lamborghini and metallic grey and yellow-painted no.4 Chevrolet know no compromises! Lamborghini vs. Chevrolet! Fitted with front and rear lights, the cars can be operated in beginners’ or advanced mode. All drivers aged 8 years and up can show off control handset skills that will earn them top spot on the podium around the challenging 5.3-metre Evolution car racing circuit!

Carrera Digital 132 GT Face Off
Carrera Evolution DTM For Ever

Battle of the DTM giants! Two top-class DTM drivers roll up to the grid of your lounge circuit in the Carrera Evolution set ‘DTM Forever’: Bruno Spengler vs. René Rast! In the 2020 season René Rast won his third drivers’ title in four years in the Audi RS 5 DTM. In the 2019 DTM season, Bruno Spengler lined up on the grid for an eighth year in a row in the BMW ‘Black Beast’. After 15 years and 16 wins he finally decided to end his DTM career. A major challenge on the Carrera racetrack The matt black BMW M4 DTM ‘B.Spengler, No.7’ and striking red-and-white Audi RS 5 ‘R.Rast, No.33’ turn heads everywhere around the 5.2-metre Carrera Evolution race circuit that features long straights, steep bends and extra-wide 1:24-scale tracks. These cars with front and rear lights are ready to sprint away as you press the accelerator fast and hard on the electronic control handset! Ultimately, the name of the victorious DTM driver is completely down to you!

Disney Cars Speed Challenge
Disney Cars - Speed Challenge

Red-hot racing! • Carrera GO!!! Disney•Pixar cars racing set – Speed Challenge • 2x Carrera GO!!! cars in the set: Disney•Pixar Cars – Lightning McQueen und Disney•Pixar Cars – Jackson Storm • 4.9-meter racing circuit with high-speed straights, curve, loop • Dimensions when assembled: 158 x 68cm • With Disney•Pixar Cars decorative elements • Scale of cars: 1:43 • Scale of tracks: 1:43 • Controller with turbo-button • Up to 2 drivers can race simultaneously • Action accessories for great racing fun • Age group: 6+ years The waiting’s over! Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm put their feet to the floor for the new season! The bright red livery of Lightning McQueen’s ride goes shoulder-to-shoulder with the all-in-black look of Jackson Storm as they burn up the blacktop around the 4.9-metre/16.07 ft. Carrera GO!!! racing circuit. The high-speed straights, a risky loop and breath-taking bends guarantee fantastic racing thrills for enthusiastic racers of all ages in their favourite drives.

Disney Cars Neon Nights
Disney Cars 'Neon Nights'

High-speed night races! • Carrera GO!!! Disney Pixar cars racing set – Neon Nights • 2x Carrera GO!!! cars in the set: Disney Pixar Cars – Lightning McQueen – Neon Nights und Disney Pixar Cars – Jackson Storm – Neon Nights • 5.3-meter racing circuit with high-speed straights, curve, fly-over, loop, junction, narrow section • Dimensions when assembled: 160 x 95cm • With Disney Pixar Cars decorative elements • Scale of cars: 1:43 • Scale of tracks: 1:43 • Controller with turbo-button • Up to 2 drivers can race simultaneously • Action accessories for great racing fun • Age group: 6+ years Spectacular night-time racing with Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm! These two rivals from the popular Disney Pixar Cars films let the crowds know all about high velocity competition as they tear around the Carrera racetrack. Carrera drivers of all ages will need great handset skills at top speeds to navigate high-speed straights, tricky bends, a fly-over, lightning loop and bottleneck around a 5.3 metre/17.38 ft. circuit that pushes them to their limits. Both of these cars showcase some very special light effects.

DTM Master Class
DTM Master Class

Great DTM race track with two slot cars Carrera GO!!! Race track with fly-over, steep corner, lap counter track and two looping sets 8.9 metres From 6 years A strong design team sends this RS 5 DTM off to race Audi is also a permanent fixture in the German Touring Car Championship and has firmly established itself there. Behind the wheel of the Audi RS5 DTM super sports car is the experienced racing driver Matthias Ekström. While the Swede often starts from pole position and has already clinched a few victories, René Rast has to fight his way forward from the rear again and again. It is therefore all the more pleasing that he was able to win the championship title in 2017 and the runner-up title in 2018. In 2017, Ekström came in just behind him in second place The battle for the title continues – on your own race track! Although Matthias Ekström finished his career in the DTM in 2017, he’s still in for a small race on your Carrera GO!!! race track. The two slot cars on a scale of 1:43 look very similar to the originals thanks to the licenses. On the 8.9-metre-long race track on a scale of 1:43 the two Audis can give their best once again. You determine the speed of your slot car with the help of the turbo button on the speed controller. The action-packed race track convinces all with two looping sections, a fly-over and a steep corner. Show off your skills and weave through the chicanes without flying off the track. The set also includes a transformer, a lap counter and accessories for the track.

Disney Cars Speed Challenge
Max Speed Formula 1

High-speed Formula 1 racing thrills • Carrera GO!!! set – Max Speed • 2x Carrera GO!!! cars included in the set: Mercedes-AMG F1 W09 EQ Power+ “L.Hamilton, No.44”, Red Bull Racing RB14 “M.Verstappen, No. 33” • 6.3-metre racing circuit with a high-speed straight, curves, junction, fly-over, loop • Dimensions when assembled: 175cm x 122cm • Model car scale: 1:43 • Track scale: 1:43 • Handset with a turbo button • Up to 2 drivers simultaneously • Action accessories gor great racing fun • Age: 6 years and upwards Mercedes-AMG GP vs. Red Bull Racing is the duel in the Carrera GO!!! Max Speed set. Drivers of all ages can go head-to-head with these sleek Formula 1 speed machines. Fans can choose a favourite between the Mercedes-AMG F1 W09 EQ Power+ ‚L.Hamilton, No.44‘ and the Red Bull Racing RB14 ‚M.Verstappen, No.33‘. The 6.3-metre/ 20.66 ft. circuit provides drivers with plenty of time to get up to speed. The high-speed straights, tight bends, junction, fly-over and all-action loop guarantee tons of racing fun!

Disney Cars Neon Nights
Nintendo Mario Kart - Mach 8

Action-packed race track Nintendo Mario Kart™ 8- Mach 8 with two slot cars Carrera GO!!! With Mario Kart™ decorative elements 5.3 metres From 6 years The Italian brothers go head-to-head in an exciting match The two likeable plumbers had already made their appearance in many console games. In Nintendo Mario Kart™, they had exciting races and cool items with many other friends and enemies. The game is fun for the whole family and quickly became a cult game. The racing icons are now part of your children’s room On the Carrera GO!!! Nintendo Mario Kart™ 8 race track you now have the heroes from the console at your very fingertips. The two Italians Mario and Luigi enjoy cool battles on the 5.3-metre-long track on a scale of 1:43. Between the looping section, the fly-over, the narrow section and the intersection, you can always press the turbo button on the speed controller to give full throttle. The two slot cars from Nintendo Mario Kart™ 8 – Mach 8 with the drivers Mario and Luigi are also on a scale of 1:43. In addition to the two cars, the race track and the two speed controllers there is also a transformer, a lap counter, the accessories and decorative elements for the track, which all come included.

Race the Track GT-3

In the new GT-Set ,Race the Track, it’s all between Ferrari and Lamborghini. The two Italian long–distance racing cars, Lamborghini’s Huracán GT3 “No.98” and Ferrari’s 488 GT3 “Carrera” won’t give each other an inch. Things really get off to a start on the Carrera racetrack, where loops, fly-¬?over, bottleneck and lane changes ensure that extra bit of racing action. On a fantastic track measuring a full 6.3 metres / 20.66 ft., these super-¬?fast dream cars can really accelerate and show off all their power.


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