5 Reasons Girls Love Their Nerf

The Nerf 'Rebelle' Blaster Range

The Rebelle range of Nerf blasters was launched in 2013 and purely marketed to a female audience. The majority of the blasters feature and purple and pink theme. 

The Rebelle range of blasters fire Nerf N-Strike Elite darts, but they also come with Rebelle themed darts that can be collected and stored.

The blasters have fantastic performance, equal or better than their Nerf Elite cousins. So much so that we find by the end of our parties and events, all the kids are wanting to use Rebelle's, even the boys.

The best thing about the Rebelle range of blasters is that it has worked to change the perception that Nerf was a more male orientated toy interest.

The Hunger Games

The success of The Hunger Games books and movie franchises has definitely played a part in the popularity of Nerf for younger girls. Not only have we found that the Rebelle archery range is a hit, but we get many requests to play a Hunger Games format during our activities.

Humans vs Zombies

Games of Humans vs Zombies with Nerf blasters grew in popularity across US College campuses in the mid-2000s and have since spilled over the residential areas, camps and other schools.

HvZ is a live-action game where small groups or large masses of people. Humans are armed with Nerf blasters to stun Zombies  defend themselves. While the unarmed zombies must tag the humans to turn them.

The rise in popularity of the game saw Nerf become a lot more mainstream and broaden the toy's appeal to teenagers and adults.


Social & Bonding

Mums, sisters, girlfriends, wives and friends can all bond with their friends and family through Nerf. From collecting blasters, to playing games, to impromptu Nerf warfare around the house or on school campuses.

It's Good Safe Fun

Unlike other mixed sports or war games like paintball, the chance of knocks, injuries or pain are minimal. It's a level playing field for all ages and sizes.