Archery Warz

Player vs. Player Bow Tag Archery BattleS

Archery Warz bring Bow Tag Archery to you, for events of all sizes. Bow Tag is the Archery equivalent of paintball or laser tag. Players battle it out using real bows, safety arrows and protective face masks. Gameplay is much like Dodgeball, with two teams firing back and forth at each other. There are plenty of different game modes involving striking opponents, catching arrows and shooting out targets.

Archery Warz is recommend for ages 12 and above. It's currently available in Melbourne (Victoria), Canberra (A.C.T. and Southern NSW), Gold Coast (SE Queensland and Norther NSW) and Perth. It's the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, catch up with friends, play amongst work colleagues or battle it out at a Buck's, Hen's or Huck's Party.

Prices start from $30 per person, with minimum groups of 12 and we cater to events small and large. Submit an enquiry below and our team will answer any questions you may have or assist you with a booking.